If you are looking for a team with boundless programming skills, you're in the right place.

Whether your vision is a simple company website, an engaging e-shop or the next eBay, we have the people and the expertise to make it happen.


Front-end development is the manifestation of the finalized design. It's all the elements you see and interact with on a website. That's what you need to know. We have an amazing team using all the latest tech. We don’t like to throw buzzwords. See for yourself.

Ok, we lied. Here is a buzzword attack

Of course we develop in HTML5 and use Bootstrap or Foundation, and, when we don't eat, we look like Skeletons. Some time we SASS, or, when tired, we try some more Coffeescript. We like to use the latest Javascript libraries but also create our own scripts. We also use Angular, although we like React best.
GitHub Explore is our newsfeed and Hacker News is our morning paper.


Back-end is to websites what an engine is to a car. You wouldn't want to pay for a Ferrari engine if what you needed was a Smart. And you wouldn't want your brand-new Ferrari to come with a Smart engine. We have the knowledge and skills to deliver both Ferraris and Smarts, depending on your project needs, and the experience to know when to use what.

Buzzword attack!

We like to sql with Postgres and to nosql with MongoDb. We believe that Redis is amazing and that Elasticsearch is THE tool for searching applications, especially if faceted. We like to deploy with Jenkins and most of our code is in PHP, because it's efficient, mature, effective and super scalable with Facebook's HHVM.

Proud Syrup

ProudSyrup is our custom CMS as a service. We really created the simplest content management system for authors. It is powerful in many ways. PS supports unlimited languages and an easy translating interface, a media manager, unlimited content types and all kind of fields. We really love working with PS as authors and as developers.

Under the hood

We developed this CMS combining the best ideas from many different worlds. All the CMS data are accessible only via REST API. Developers can develop their site in any languages they like and theme it accordingly. PS for them means data. We used the simplest and most clever patterns for image resizing and management, content queries and content translation. Believe us when we say you'll get stuck on this syrup.